Border Challenger

Step into Border and step out to work in this new Polyurethane Wellington Boot:

  • Insulating down to -30ºC
  • Feather weight
  • Water channeling tyre tread design
  • Superior grip
  • Mineral, organic and chemical resistant – please read “Care Instructions” below before use.
  • Innovative heel tab for easy removal
  • Ankle support
  • Lasts 3 times longer than PVC
  • Adaptable boot height


  • For your safety and comfort Protecto Limited sell top quality polyurethane boots. They are type-approved by a qualified testing body as shown by the CE-label and comply with the European standards for Personal Protective Equipment (CEE/89/686).
  • Protecto Limited meet following certifications:  ISO 9001: manufactured under a certified quality management (AIB Vinçotte – certificate BE-95460e)
  • When used daily and depending on the type of use or application, the life span should vary between six months and one year.
  • Frequent contact with aggressive substances in high concentration may affect the life span of the boots.
  • The warranty is voided in cases where the boots are worn out through normal use, have been damaged, repaired and/or not used in the authorized manner or cleaned appropriately.


Resistance against slipping is determined by type of footwear, flooring type and contamination. To ensure maximum protection against slipping accidents you need to roughen the sole before use (e.g. rubbed with sandpaper).

A few tips:
Cleaning your boots regularly with water and a suitable cleaning product, will increase their life span

      1. After particularly intensive use, clean your boots daily so that dirt doesn’t permeate the polyurethane.
      2. It is always a good idea to rinse the inside of your boots regularly with clean water.
      3. Ensure the boots are completely dry inside before putting them back on.
      4. Use the correct dose of detergents or cleaning products, as indicated on the product’s packaging. Then rinse your boots again with clean water.
      5. To prevent damage and discoloration: do not leave the boots to soak in detergent or other chemicals.
      6. After work do not leave the boots inside your overtrousers. PU material must be able to dry and breathe properly.