Dull Emitters

Ceramic infrared bulbs are widely used for rearing chicks or in animal enclosures to warm the animals. A ceramic infrared dark heater provides a natural day and night rhythm for the animals because it only emits warmth and no light.

These Powerheat infrared heating bulbs are made of high quality glazed pottery. The beautiful finish ensures the best quality product. We stand for this quality and therefore we provide a standard two year warranty on our new Powerheat ceramic infrared bulbs. 

Ceramic infrared bulbs have a longer lifespan than regular heating lamps. In addition, these ceramic infrared bulbs are 100% heat efficient because all the energy is converted into heat, they only emit heat and no light.

The Powerheat ceramic infrared bulbs are available in 60W, 100W, 150W and 250W. The standardised E27 thread allows easy and safe installation. Always use these ceramic infrared bulbs in combination with a ceramic fitting, as the heat bulbs become really hot. The ceramic infrared bulbs can also be used in combination with an aluminium reflector. The reflector ensures that the heat is distributed better and reduces the heat loss upwards.

~Warning ~
Dull Emitters are only to be used in large spun aluminium reflectors with heavy duty porcelain bulb holders. They should never be used in lamp holders designed to be used with glass bulbs.

We strongly recommend that dull emitter bulbs, holders and shade are fitted by a fully qualified electrician.