Stack 'n' Store

The Gorilla Tub®, 'Stack 'N' Store' is an easy, space-saving storage solution. These plastic storage boxes are ideal for general storage solutions around the home, office or workplace, as well as perfect for industrial use. Stack them on top of one another when in use, and when empty, these storage boxes nest easily inside each other to help minimalise the storage space used. Great for when you have limited storage space. Robust flexible handles secure the lid in place and make it easy to carry. Available in 1 Size, with a 25-litre capacity to suit your storage needs. Lids available in 7 colours.

Manufactured in Wales.


  • Features: Flexible Sides, Light Weight, Non-Sparking, Non-Toxic
  • Volume: 25L
  • Weight: 1100g
  • Width: 33cm
  • Length: 43cm
  • Height: 30cm


  • Stackable when in use
  • The design makes boxes nestable when not in use
  • Open-top Box
  • Tack box
  • Building site/tool storage
  • Offices to store files/archives
  • General Clothing Storage

*Warning: This product is not made from food-safe plastic.