All bulbs are E27 edidon screw type
IR1 Soft Glass lamps provide sun-like thermal comfort - perfect for breeding animals. double reflector in a glass bulb enables more efficient heating. infrared radiation wavelength IR: 1400nm. emitted infrared radiation penetrates deeper into the heated tissues, which is favourable to the improvement of biochemical processes in the body of animals and increase tissue resistance used everywhere where the rapidly drying effect is desired eg. in food, leather, lacquering, printing industry hight-quality homogeneously coloured glass in the full mass (glass is not painted -no scaling of paint) polish product - high durability - favorable value for money. infrared heat lamps should be use in proper luminaires.
IR2 Hard Glass ABOVE + glass resistant to thermal shock - it doesn't crack under splashing of cold water. infrared heat lamp 375W has a therapeutic application in physical therapy equipment. nominal angle of radiation is 120°.
PAR Hard Glass ABOVE + increased resistance to mechanical damages, strong mounting of base and a glass bulb, nominal angle of radiation is 60°deep-working infrared radiation facilitates blood circulation, intensifies biochemical processes, metabolism, biological functions and tissue resistance.