Dry Cuffs

Keep your forearms warm, dry and protected.

        • Fits ‘snug’ around the wrist and stops water getting underneath cuff.

        • Made of 3mm strong pad neoprene.

Usage Instructions

        • Simply pull on your Dry cuffs.

        • When removing, peel down from elbow towards wrist to prevent any damage to wrist.

Care Instructions

        • Hand wash in water below 45°C

        • If needed, wash them in a little mild dishwashing liquid or neutral laundry detergent

        • Hang or lay flat to dry, out of direct sunlight and heat

        • DO NOT tumble dry, dry clean or use any other machine that uses excessive heat.

        • DO NOT wash them with any chemicals/bleach as it will perish the neoprene.

Size Chart

 Wrist (cm)Forearm (cm)Length (cm)
X Large193126.5
XX Large203326.5

          How to measure:


          Forearm - Measure around your forearm just below your elbow


        Length - Measure the length between your wrist and forearm

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